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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  August 16, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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her life. >> no father should have to do this, but i love my daughter. and as i look out on you guys, you loved her, too. >> pray and ask our world to somehow, someway to feel that love that she had. she believed in each and everyone of us. she saw the good in everyone. >> and say to yourself what can i do to make a difference and that's how you are going to make my child's death worth while. >> powerful words. a car killed heather heyer when it plowed into counter protesters. >> cajulie carey was at the service and joins
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>> reporter: both emotional and inspirati inspirational. while the memorial service ended the memorial here continues to grow tonight. you can see in the middle of the pavement the box of chalk, the kleenex. just like people who come here to leave notes and flowers, those at the service some knew heather heyer well and others had never met her before. the mourners lined up early outside the paramount theater on the downtown mall steps away from where heather heyer lost her life. inside the theater a sea of purple, stickers with her name. her family requested that everyone wear heather's favorite color. there was laugher and tears. many left saying they are inspired by her example of taking action.
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needless and unprovoked i think it is going to be a catalyst to hopefully end all of this horrible white supremacy that is happening. >> everybody stand up against racism and suppression. >> for me she was just a really strong individual standing up for her beliefs. that is something i have wanted to be. >> reporter: a lot of powerful words today even some written on the wall. it says teach, love not hate. the most powerful words came from heather heyer's mother. you heard a little bit from her. coming up at 5:00, the words that brought the crowd today to a standing ovation. back to you in the studio. >> thank you so much. first at 4:00, facebook is taking a stand against a white nationalist in charlo
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the company has removed christopher cantwell's pages. facebook removed eight other pages all connected to the white nationalist movement. a spokesperson says the pages violate its policies on hate speech. president trump's response to the charlottesville violence has set off a new fire storm. he is facing strong rebuke for remarks appearing to put white supremacists on the same plain. you are hearing it from all corners from world leaders and ceos to every day citizens in some of the nation's reddest states. confederate monuments taken down or slated for removal in los angeles,
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alabama all in the wake of president trump's latest remarks. in iowa a state that helped put president trump in the white house today a march against hatred and against some of the very groups the president seemed to defend following that deadly violence in charlottesville. >> i think there is blame on both sides. >> reporter: from some in the president's own party outrage. >> this is terrible. the president of the united states needs to condemn these kinds of hate groups. think about what you have seen. >> reporter: as the nation's top business leaders one by one quit two top counsels the president announced he is ending both. top military commanders on twitter along with leaders in germany and great britain taking a stand against racism without mentioning the president by name. and a growing outcry from civil rights advocates. you described the president's remarks as dangerous. why? >> it
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those who would come armed and those that do support segregation and white supremacy. it looks like we don't have a friend in the white house. >> reporter: from the president no comment as his motorcade returns to his new jersey golf club. president trump has scheduled a rally next week to be held in arizona. that location is notable because the president has said he may be open to pardoning former sheriff who was convicted of violating a court order against racial profiling. >> thank you. it seems to be one of the hardest jobs to fill in d.c. >> now a former teen model is taking over as interim white house communications director. hope hicks is replacing anthony scaramucci. he lasted only ten days on the job. her title has the word interim in front of it. the white house says it will select a permanent communications director a
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you may be asking who is hope hicks? we are working for you digging deeper. she is 28 years old which makes her the youngest person to hold the top communications spot in the white house. hicks is also president trump's longest serving aid and joined his team as press secretary during the campaign. before that she worked for the trump organization. when president trump took office he rewarded her loyalty by creating a new senior staff position. since the election hicks' title has been director of strategic communications. she makes as much money as any of his top senior aides. no second chances. lee was a teenager when he and his partner terrorized the washington area during sniper shootings. today a judge says he got the sentence he deserved.
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that the life sentences will stand. let me take you back to 2002. fear gripped the d.c. area. we have images that we all remember from that time to show you just such a scary time. people here in montgomery county felt it day and night. who would be next and where. fast forward and malvow's attorney argues his life sentences should be thrown out because u.s. supreme court ruled mandatory life sentences for juveniles are unconstitutional. he was 17 when he and his partner killed ten people in the area. minutes ago the state's attorney told us the supreme court decision doesn't apply to maryland because of sentencing laws in the state. mccarthy explained even if the supreme court decisions apply to malvo here the head circuit
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sogregiously that the life sentences would stand. >> judge ryan did review reports heard from family victims and members of the families of those who had been slain. of course, he considered the sheer brutality of the crimes in which mr. malvo engaged. >> reporter: his attorneys can appeal. >> thank you. if you woke up in a fog you weren't alone. erika gonzalez was live in the storm team 4 by 4 so she can show you the conditions while the dense fog advisory was in effect. the fog cleared and turned out to be a pretty nice summer afternoon. let's go to doug kammerer in the storm center. what a change from this morning until now. >> absolutely. that was awe.
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of us do. we did have dense fog earlier today. fog burned off. we did see hot and humid conditions all afternoon. that fog because we have the extra humidity. take a look at what it is doing with the temperatures. the temperatures right now upper 80s to around 90. it has been 12 days since we have been at or above 90 degrees. looks like we have a couple more out in the forecast. not a lot going on in our area now. a few clouds but can't rule out shower activity tomorrow and then a much better chance later in the week. storm chances on the increase and yes we are talking eclipse. can't wait next week. thank you, doug. >> we just found out where the oil came from a storm drain. engineers put containment booms in place to try to soak up the
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sunday just north of national harbor. we now know that an electrical fire forced people out of the smithsonian castle today. flames broke out before noon. the castle is home to the smithsonian's administrative offices and visitor center. it was closed for the day. the fire took place in a nonpublic area and sprinklers contained it. the castle is home to precious art and artifacts but the items were not damaged. we have learned more details about a man and a woman found shot to death inside a retirement community. police are telling us this was a murder suicide and the victim and suspect had a relationship. the bodies were found last night. police think she shot bernard williams and then turned the gun on herself. investigators are still working
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killed hundreds of people and the country needs help identifying the dead. new video shows the aftermath. the government says the mortuary is just literally overwhelmed. officials want family members to come and identify their loved ones. this weekend's tragedy killed more than 300, many of them children, as they were sleeping. the death toll is expected to rise. the red cross says 600 people are missing. >> some of the witnesses described it as a river of mud. crews quietly remove several confederate monuments in baltimore. if you travel between metro center and stadium armory metro says you will have underground cell service. you have always seen him with his siblings but marlon wayans
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studio right now to talk about his new sitcom debuting tonight. see what stories are trending on our app. it
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here is some good news if you want tosurf the web or make a call on the cell phonehi
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poor reception may be a thing of the past. the transit agency says it has seriously upgraded cell service on blue, orange and silver lines. major carriers at&t, sprint, t mobile and verizon wireless should all have uninterrupted service from metro center all the way to stadium armory. we are working for you and putting it to the test. riders tell us they are noticing a difference. >> usually it cuts people off. i kept talking once i got to stadium armory and i did all the way until smithsonian. >> the red line also recently got a cell phone upgrade from glen mont to silver spring. every little step i take you will be there. ♪ every little step i make we'll be together ♪ i can't wait to get the batteries f
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>> bobby brown, marlon wayans debuts tonight on his show aptly called marlon. marlon is joining us right here. >> we look good in suits. >> swag. >> take a picture here. >> we look swagged up. he's milk chocolate and he is dark chocolate boys. >> let me ask you this, loosely based on your real life. i know in the show you have an ex wife, the kids are younger. how much is loosely based? >> like all the way based but i had to say loosely so people don't sue me. some of the stuff can't actually go on tv. it's loosely based like 90% of my life is based on my exand my kids. it's a really sweet family show about co-parenting after a divorce. what you find is that me and her getng
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separated than we were when we were together. and you still have that love there no matter what. i love her for life. that is my family. it's an aspirational show. it is loosely based because they keep trying to give me character notes. my son is like dad, the boy is like me. i'm like you are boring. and my ex was like i need to talk to you about my character. i don't like the direction. >> this is my interpretation of you. >> for a lot of people who don't know marlon went to a performing arts high school. he came here and went to howard. bisons all day. >> a lot of alums here. >> bisons. >> let me ask you, how much do you go based on your performing arts background, how much do you go
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>> all the time. how much do i go on script is a better question. for me i like the surprise of my cast mates. they don't know what i'm going to do. the kids, they can't hold their laugh. the kids are like the boy is like marlon, that was hilarious. >> that is how you know it is funny. >> that is why i chose to film from a live studio audience. i wanted the audience there so i know i'm hearing the foot stomps and laughter. that makes me go further and bring more laughter. >> the things that get written down in the writers' room when you voice it and say it doesn't always come out the same. >> it is always funny. i'm actually in the room crafting with them because i'm an exec producer in the show. when it gets down to the floor everybody knows friday nights is marlon. marlon is going to do -- the cast don't know, the
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all they know is that the audience is cracking up and that it is funny. >> let me turn seriously for a second. >> please don't do that. too much going on. >> your first 30 minutes of your news, your mudslides i was depressed like i -- >> how has your real life family adapted to seeing some stories playing out on the screen? >> my kids, my daughter is horrified because their president has been -- george w. bush jr. and then they had barack obama. what they are experiencing with trump they are like is this an alien sent from another planet. my kids have never seen racism like this. they go to integrated school, private schools. they have never seen racism like they have seen racism now. they rd
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but to see what happened in virginia, that's not far from here, in america? like for real? i say y'all don't worry. hate is a small number of people. right now the army of love is huge and this is a moment in time. you're just going to be a part of a new history. love is too strong for hate to do anything. love is too deep. >> i love the message. we about that love life. you want these love knuckles. >> tonight news 4 right here. >> can't wait to see that. thank you. one of nature's slowest, smelliest shows is about to get underway. we're waiting for the corpse flower to bloom. can't wait. >> reporter: and in four days, 22 hours and about 20 m
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for our solar eclipse glasses. are you ready? i will be live at the air and space museum letting you know where you can get
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we are counting down now getting close to the solar eclipse. >> you just need a good, clear day. >> right now it is looking pretty good. you need those awesome glasses that everybody is trying to get their hands on. i know one person right now who is trying to get her hands on those is as we speak for as many people here at the station. amelia draper is down out on the mall. we are all so excited about monday. >> reporter: count down on my phone. it is four days, 22 hours and now about 18 minutes away from the total solar eclipse. we will be down here at the air and space museum all evening long talking about the latest on the ellipse. the biggest question that we are getting asked obviously is where can i get these coveted glasses like trying to get the golden ticket in the chocolate bar. i have a few pairs i'm handing out to lucky kids down here and on the day
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the glasses here at the air and space museum at their location in chantilly as well as national archives and zoo. supplies are limited. i am seeing libraries that have glasses available. for the full list and the latest updates head to our website, and search eclipse glasses. i posted the link on my facebook and twitter pages. there are so many people that have the glasses and have been taking time to look at the sun with them on it's absolutely amazing and for that reaction i had to show you some kids who i did give glasses to and their first time looking at the sun with solar eclipse glasses on. take a listen. >> i see an orange sun in space, no stars. completely back just with the sun. it's amazing. i have never seen anything like it. >> what are you seeing? >> an orange dot. >> what's it like? >> dark
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>> reporter: anything you have ever seen before? >> no. >> reporter: so just seeing the smiles on their faces and the excitement getting them excited for science. coming up tomorrow i will have a story for a way you and your kids can be a scientist during the solar eclipse. coming up, how should kids be using these glasses safely. they are pretty big and not necessarily made for kids. i will have more on that. you are heading down to check out the full eclipse in south carolina. >> i cannot wait. right here we have about 82% totality in d.c. area. in south carolina it will be 100%. i am hoping for sunshine because i think we will get it here. look at the forecast. this is for monday. 91 degrees. it will be rather hot. humidity not too bad. mostly sunny but looking good to get out there. 2:42 is when it reaches the peak in our area. 82%. really good between 2:20 and 3:00 in the afternoon. just remember that. not much going o
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humid. 91 degrees currently. heat index mid 90s. dropping through the 80s. very humid tonight could see areas of fog but nothing like last night. take a look at temperatures. 86 gathersburg. once again we have not seen 90 in d.c. in 12 days. it has been a while. did you miss the heat? i know pat did. >> you missed the heat? you are on team pat. i didn't know that. i think less of you. not much in the way of sunshine or clouds. we will see storminess tomorrow. really on friday, friday we have a good chance of storms some could be strong, possibly severe. if you like the heat we have it all the way through next monday and tuesday before we see a little bit of a cool down through next week. i did not know you were team pat. >> my kids love to go to the pool. i think it is more comfortable at the pool when it is closer to 90 than
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>> never said that. putting words in my mouth. in the dark of the night cranes and trucks were used to haul away monuments in baltimore, monuments linked to the confederacy. >> i thought there is enough speeches being made, get it done. it really does happen in the blink of an eye, a college freshman shows his dad some gratitude w
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you're watching news 4 at 4:00. >> robert e. lee and stonewall jackson were wheeled away overnight. the city of baltimore took down its confederate monuments you can hear a faint round of applause. >> some critics think the monuments should stay up. in this case when justin finch spoke to families they told him how relieved they were. >> i was so happy. i had to get up and go to all four areas to actually see it. >> reporter: for sheila baltimore is home but today she says it feels more like home than ever before after four confederate monuments were removed. we met sheila at the
4:32 pm
soldiers monument, now an empty pedestal. at each monument she says she is finding a new sense of community. >> am meeting a lot of people talking and laughing and taking pictures and going yes this should happen a long time ago. >> reporter: it happened overnight. city and private crews called in to remove the four status overnight including this one of generals robert e. lee and stonewall jackson. the take downs happening sooner than many planned about one day after city council voted to remove the monuments. >> seeing it in real life like this is coming down, it was surreal. no other word i can use. >> a statue of roger tawny gone, as
4:33 pm
something hurtful especially in the wake of the violence in charlottesville. >> anybody who thinks these things are inocue s historical symbols then ask why do the neo-nazi find them so important. >> reporter: as for what will happen to the monuments we are told they will be stored until they are told what to do with them. >> justin's report has been one of the most read stories on the nbc washington app today. if you would like to read more just search monument. there is a new effort underway in loudoun county to change state laws that protect such monuments. the statue of a confederate soldier outside of the
4:34 pm
county courthouse has been focus of debate. now phyllous randall says she is planning to ask state lawmakers to give local governments more discretion over what happens to monuments and memorials. the current state law prohibits disturbing or removing them. the image of white supremacists is worrying some. >> reporter: the local jewish community is reacting with fear and anger to news report showing white supremacists marching in charlottesville, virginia carrying torches and chanting. she ezher parents survived the nazi concentration camps. she fears hatred of jews appears
4:35 pm
>> it brought tears to my eyes because i remembered all the stories and the nightmares that my parents that i heard from my parents since i was a child. >> she says she is scared and she no longer feels protected as she sees anti-semitism on the rise here in the united states. back to you. a follow up to a story that is still one of the most read stories on the nbc washington website and on our app. it has a lot of visitors to the lincoln memorial angry and asking who would deliberately damage such a national treasure. as we showed you yesterday someone used red spray paint to write an antilaw message on a pillar. the work is expected to last about two weeks. park police is urging anyon
4:36 pm
vandalism to contact them. the next time you take your family to a popular beach someone new will be in charge. kicked out the long time mayor in saturday's election after more than 25 years in office mayor sam cooper lost his job to paul koons. he says he is pro small business and small tourist. it's a good thing this isn't smelle vision. this is a live picture from the u.s. botanic garden. we are waiting for three corpse flowers to hit peak bloom. the plant's stinch is described as a mix of garlic, fish, diapers and rotting meat. if you would like a whiff act fast. peak bloom is expected between tomorrow and next tuesday. the bloom only lasts between 24
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a holocaust survivor meets the grandchildren of the family who saved his life. an emotional reunion only on news 4. at 5:00, southwest airlines is having major computer problems causing elite customers to lose a major perk. we are bringing you the latest headlines and weather during commercials. keep an
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. tonight a consumer investigation you won't see anywhere else. this small craft advisory has nothing to do with high winds. >> we are revealing something you may not know when it comes to boats you rent or buy. susan hogan joins us now with what she has learned. >> safety experts are warning that boait
4:41 pm
dangerous design flaws are making their way on to the water. our investigation took us to florida and california where we met two families whose lives changed in an instant. >> it is a journey you wouldn't wish on your worst enemy. >> when you are the parent of a child that is lost you know that every day you think about this. it is on your mind all the time. >> forever tie together their children involved in horrific boating accidents years apart. their stories are exposing surprising details about the recreational boating industry. tonight you will hear the emotional stories and will tell you what the boat manufacturers are saying about the tragic accidents. and then at 6:00 and 11:00 we have the surprising findings of our investigation. you may think a government agency is watching closely over boat manufacturers and rigorously testing new boat designs but we found that's simply not the
4:42 pm
do not want to miss. you can also follow us along on the nbc washington app and facebook page right now and posting links to our reports there. >> with so many water ways in our area this is timely reporting. thank you. he has been in office for more than 200 days and some say president donald trump has now lost his moral authority. has he? and if so can he get it back? children grow up, but some things never change. the milestone a son shared
4:43 pm
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4:45 pm
just as we came on the air president trump tweeted he is back on his golf course in new jersey. >> one of the president's aides said he quote went rogue at yesterday's press conference. mark murray has been emersed in the
4:46 pm
president losing his moral authority, do you think he has lost it and if so what can he do to get it back? >> the moment a person ends up becoming president of the united states you have the trappings of the office, the seals, addresses to the congress there is a certain moral authority that comes with the job. the question is how do you end up using it. i think the president by the remarks he made yesterday in addition to what he ended up saying on saturday about the violence in charlottesville does erodes a lot of that moral authority. many americans were offended that he would end up conflating the protesters, the white nationalists who are protesting with the counter protesters who are sticking up for their community and then you end up with people who were offended that he ended up conflating confederate monuments with those set up for george washington and thomas jefferson. many
4:47 pm
things. the president doing that and doubling down whatever you call it really did upend the do over that he tried to have on monday where he denounced the kkk and white supremacists. >> on twitter the president says he is disbanding the ceo advisory council. he said it was to prevent putting pressure on the remaining ceos who were still involved. what do you read? >> i read that corporate america was abandoning the president in droves. you were starting to see ceo saying he couldn't be part of his manufacturing council or another group. i think those defections were coming from corporate america before the president ended up disbanding the whole thing. we saw corporate america upset. we saw republican lawmakers either directly or indirectly criticize the president for his
4:48 pm
defections from inside the white house or inside the president's own administration. so far no one has left after yesterday. >> perhaps the administration will find a way to work with some of those business leaders in a less public way going forward. thank you, mark. next at 5:00, the solar eclipse is just a few days away now and some of you may have been given the wrong kind of eye glasses. >> jim and wendy are working on that story for you. >> you don't want that because you don't want to have your eyes damaged and to be blinded when the sun and the moon cross paths next week. >> we will tell you which ones were given away at a free event and then recalled shortly afterwards. also a major news 4 consumer investigation that you have got to see. coming up at 5:00, two families left forever changed by boating accidents. >> this is
4:49 pm
these tragedies are revealing surprising details about the boating industry. susan hogan and our consumer team first started to roll out this is a huge story coming to you in chapters. they started with it this morning. now she is sharing those families' stories and you are only going to see it on news 4 and it is going to surprise you. >> it is powerful and there is a piece coming up at 6:00. we will launch it at 5:00 and then also at 11:00 tonight. we'll see you in just about ten minutes. i shared the poll, our eclipse poll on our facebook page. most folks say they will pop out and see it for a little while. >> which is what you need to do. i think we had like 30% say they will pop out and check it out. best time between 2:20 and 3:00. i saw 34% say they are not going to see it at all.
4:50 pm
>> you will be one of those throughout the whole thing. >> i will be down there in clemson, south carolina. we had a meeting about this. i have to be up at 6:00 a.m. doesn't start until 1:00. i have to be up at 6:00 a.m. because of the millions of people in the path of totality, the infrastructure not set up for that. >> get your eyes acclimated. >> you are going to be ready. once in a lifetime. let's take a look and show you what is happening. 91 degrees currently right now. winds out of the west at ten miles per hour. i expect monday to be very similar to what we are dealing with today. it will be warm and a little bit humid and we see plenty of sunshine. looking pretty good there. as far as the radar is concerned we have a couple of storms that have developed. nothing in our area. these are showers. northern portions of loudoun county. right there jus
4:51 pm
bit of shower there. most of us should remain on the dry side. satellite and radar showing a couple of clouds. mostly sunny skies. a great day tomorrow for the pool. chris, here you go. i hope 88 is okay because it will be nice and warm tomorrow. warm and humid. great afternoon for the pool. isolated chance of thunderstorm tomorrow. some of those could be on the strong side tomorrow isolated. friday a much better chance of seeing storms. 77% chance of storms. some of those strong, possibly severe. saturday less humidity but still on the warm side. we stay into the 90s through monday and tuesday before another front helps to cool off. late next week is looking fantastic. monday is the day we have our eyes on or glasses on. it is eclipse day. 1:17 when the moon starts to go in front of the sun. mass eclipse in d.c.
4:52 pm
maximum totality here of 82%. and then it moves out and it is done by about 4:00 when we watch the show. to the 34% of you that said you may not watch it, what are you thinking? come on? it is going to be awesome. >> we believe you, doug. thank you. a warning for you if you live in university park stay indoors because crews are spraying for mosquitos. traces of the west nile virus were found in a mosquito caught in a trap in the area. authorities are required to spray a one square mile area. crews will be out there sometime after 7:30. some kids do the chalkboard thing and write first day of school. does your family have a back to school tradition? a college freshman in texas lit up social media when he tweeted these photos. he wanted
4:53 pm
all of his support over the years especially walking him to school at the start of every school year. he started the tradition 17 years ago when he walked his son to school for the first day of kindergarten. it continued this month when he took his son off to college. he says fathers don't get enough credit. dad, well, he is having a tough time imagining what it will be like when he comes home to the empty nest. what photos? i'm ready to run out here and hug my son right now. that is a beautiful, beautiful story. >> absolutely. a great message to send. >> great dad. on saturday all the nbc owned stations and telemundo are teaming up with hundreds of shelters across the country for the big clear the shelters event. it is a nationwide pet adoption drive. for this one day they waive the adoption fees. these are some of the
4:54 pm
in northwest d.c. you will find a map of all the participating local shelters in the nbc washington app. just search clear the shelters. the u.s. holocaust memorial museum usually a place for somber reflection. today a reunion more than 70 years in the making brought
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
4:57 pm
only on news 4 an emotional reunion between two survivors at the holocaust. david culver is here to share the story. >> this was an incredible moment. we watched all of this play out today. it was sparked by a high schoolers class project. it led to a reunion seven decades in the making between a holocaust survivor and the family who saved his life. two
4:58 pm
their home. they needed a place to hide from the nazis so they made room. after the war ended in 1945 they lost touch until today. that reunion right there happening at the u.s. holocaust memorial museum. it would not have happened without tom's grand son helping track ralph down all part of a high school history assignment. >> i think almost every night look for e-mails and phone numbers. >> this became your project, too. >> we were a team on it. >> quite a team right there. >> both men grateful for that reunion. ralph says tom's family and daring actions are the reason he and his sister are both alive today. tom says his parents never talked about it. they never mentioned it and never wanted the glory or the praise. >> what a lesson. >> absolutely. they say this is
4:59 pm
we will have more on that coming up tonight at 6:45 here on news 4. it is really an incredible story. >> incredible. thank you. and going to throw it back to the studio. news 4 at 5:00 begins with jim and wendy. right now at 5:00, two families forever changed by boating accidents. those tragedies revealing surprising details about the boating industry. the special news 4 consumer investigation you don't want to miss. we begin with a grieving mother who is speaking through her heart ache to remember her daughter and to speak to a nation that is confused and concerned. >> this is just the beginning of heather's legacy. this is not the end of heather's legacy. >> a mother is turning her grief into a call for action as hundreds have come together to say good bye to her
5:00 pm
>> heather heyer was remembered for her passion and conviction. she was killed saturday by that speeding car as she joined protesters opposing the unite the right rally. >> our bureau chief joins us live from the street where the young woman lost her life. >> the memorial here really regrowing after yesterday's rain washed away the original messages. you can see one in the middle that says if we all loved like her and stood up to hatred and bigotry the world would be a better place. inspirational words but none more so than the ones her mom delivered today at the memorial service. i have aged ten years in the last week. that is what heather heyer's mother told mourners as she walked with difficulty to the podium. words about her daughter, powerful. >> if you are


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